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Probing the Thermal Evolution of Solar Flares with SDO/AIA and 3D Radiative MHD Models

Lundi, 27 Mars, 2017 - 11:30
Bât. 209, salle 67
Nom de l'intervenant: 
M. Cheung (LMSAL, Palo Alto, USA)

In part one of this seminar, we present a validated method to perform differential emission measure (DEM) inversions on extreme ultraviolet imaging observations of the solar corona taken by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly onboard NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. We begin with a description of the method and proceed to discuss test cases used for validation. We then present applications of the method to a number of science cases, including the (1) thermal structure of active regions and emerging flux regions, (2) magnetic reconnection outflows and (3) chromospheric evaporation in solar flares. In part two, we present results from a 3D radiative MHD model of a solar flare and compare synthetic remote sensing diagnostics with flare observations (e.g. GOES X-ray light curve, temperature dependence of footprint evaporation flows and x-ray spectra).

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