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Diagnostics of small flares and jets using SDO, Hinode and IRIS

Vendredi, 17 Mars, 2017 - 11:00
Bât. 121, salle 45
Nom de l'intervenant: 
Helen Mason (DAMP, Cambridge)

Spectroscopic Observations with Hinode/EIS and IRIS provide us with the opportunity to measure plasma diagnostics (DEM, electron density and flows). These data can be used with imaging data (SDO, Hinode/XRT) to study the temperature distribution of small energetic solar features. Such parameters are crucial for distinuishing between theoretical models. Here we discuss blue-shifted emission seen during small flares by IRIS  with the FeXXI (1354A) spectral line, together with electron densities measurements obtained using IRIS OIV and SIV spectral lines (Polito et al, 2016). We also investigate the relationship between cool and hot emission in solar jets (Mulay et al, 2016).

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