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Nima TraoreDavid PicardShahin AbdiPaniz AkheratiKhalil AshkarBoris TrahinStéphane CaminadeGilles PoulleauHervé BallansClaude MercierMarc DexetElie Soubrié

Move your cursor over each photo to see the names. Clic on each photo to get the contact information of each member of the I.T. Services



Permanent members


Name Grade Functions
Ballans Hervé IR1 Infrastructure and Interfaces
Caminade Stéphane IR1 Infrastructure and Databases
Chane-Yook Martine IGR1 (University) Scientific Interface
Dexet Marc IR1 Development and Interfaces
Mercier Claude IR1 Processing Scientific Interface
Poulleau Gilles IRHC Head of IDOC
Soubrié Elie IR1 Scientific Interface



Non permanent members



Grade Functions
Abdi Shahin   OSUPS Contractant
Akherati Paniz   MEDOC Contractant
Ashkar Khalil   MEDOC Contractant
Gréau Anthony   MEDOC Contractant
Massias Clément AJT MEDOC Contractant
Mebsout Magali IR2 SPACEOBS Contractant
Maurin Loïc IR2 EUCLID Contractant
Picard David IE2 SPICE Contractant
Trahin Boris   CDD JWST
Traore Nima   MEDOC Contractant


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