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Instrumentation Department

The Instrumentation department meets the needs for ground testing of space instruments and their subsystems, across all development phases from prototype to flight model. He is also involved in the experimental physics and chemistry activities carried out in the laboratory.
The tools and know-how to be deployed for setting up and carrying out a trial can vary greatly from one project to another. The instrumentation department covers all the specific needs for each test, by providing a wide range of technical skills.


Technical skills:

  • Vacuum techniques
  • Cryogenic techniques
  • Design, assembly, installation of test benches
  • Automation, command control
  • Bench maintenance
  • Sample preparation
  • Implementation of probes and sensors
  • Piloting, follow-up of tests
  • Data processing



 Projet JUICE/MAJIS project - Control of the optical bench during the calibration of the flight instrument

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