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Newport CorneStone 260 with spectral range from 300 to 2500 nm

High performance spectral measurement system from Visible to NIR


IAS possesses one spectral measurement system with high performance in visible and infrared. It enables to characterize the optical components ether by transmission or by reflection. With the digital lock-in radiometry system and the high dynamic detector, it can be used to detect the transmitted or reflected photon signals of very low level.

Descriptions :

  • Source : ORIEL APEX 70613NS illuminator, with the QTH 100W lamp, a six-position filter wheel integrated in the source box to select the spectral range.
  • Monochromators: ORIEL Cornerstone TM 260 1/4 m, 300 - 2500 nm
  • Radiometric detection :
  • Silicon photodiode with spectral range 200nm - 1100nm, 10x10mm of sensor size, with integrated built-in transimpedance amplifier. The amplifier enables selectable gain levels from 104 V/A to 109 V/A.
  • PbS photodiode with spectral range 1000nm - 3000nm, 1x3mm sensor size, with integrated thermoelectric cooling system.
  • Oriel Merlin Digital Lock-in Radiometry System


Figure 1 : Spectrometer (300nm – 2500nm)



Figure 2 : FSI/Solar Orbiter focal filter visible and NIR transmission



Figure 3 : Milar film visible and NIR reflection

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