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MAJIS/JUICE : delivery of the main electronic module to Airbus, a first milestone for the MAJIS project

29/07/2021 - 13:00

The MAJIS project has reached an important milestone by delivering the main electronics (ME) to Airbus for integration into the heart of the satellite in order to be best protected from Jupiter radiation. This box allows to drive the instrument, to compress and to format the science and auxiliary data thanks to the on-board software developed by the IAS in partnership with the CNES.


Several IAS services (notably electronics, IDOC, design offices, calibration station) have contributed to this major technical development and its validation under difficult circumstances due to sanitary conditions and a very tight schedule. This electronic box is one of the two units of the MAJIS instrument. The second one is the optical head (OH) under test at our industrial partner Leonardo Company (LDO). A communication test between the ME and the OH has been successfully performed mid-July at LDO.


Contacts at IAS : Cydalise Dumesnil, Vincent Carlier, Karin Dassas


MAJIS project webpage




Electronic module connected to the optical head (not visible, inside the tank)





First MAJIS images obtained with the electronics connected to the optical head in the presence of some of the personnel involved in the development of the MAJIS instrument





Electronic module developed at IAS just before its packaging for delivery

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