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Issues with the installation

  1. Compiler version: As Cesam2k20 uses submodules, it needs a version of gfortran > 6.0 of ifort > 16.0. Check the compiler version with:
    sudo gfortran --version
    gfortran --version
    (replace gfortran with your actual compiler). If your version is high enough, then check if you are really calling the compiler you think you're calling.

  2. Install Cesam2k20 on a server: If you are using Cesam2k20 on a server without root privileges, you may have a hard time installing Cesam2k20, either due to a wrong version of compiler or a wrong version of some library. MESA developers provide a package called mesa_sdk that contains everything you need (compiler, libraries, etc.) and can be installed locally. If after installation of mesa_sdk, gfortran cannot find a needed library (e.g. liblapack), please prepend the right path to the variable
    (not $LD_LIBRARY_PATH). For instance:
    export LIBRARY_PATH="/home/username/mesasdk/math-slots/default/lib/:$LIBRARY_PATH"

Issues with Cesam2k20

  1. Advanced stages: At present Cesam2k20 has been extensively tested and validated for low and intermediate mass stars up to the RGB phase. For the later phases and more massive stars a lot of testing and development is still needed.

Issues with pycesam

  1. GUI doesn't work You cannot load Qt or traitsui ? Cesam2k20 rely on traitsui to build its GUI. This package is not well maintained anymore and is often behind its dependencies. We working on a better solution but at the moment, a good configuration is to install specific versions: traitsui version 8 and pyface version 8.