Download models

All models provided here can be read with pycesam. For each model, we provide the input file (.don), the structure file (.osc) and the file that contains global quantities (.HRnew). If non default options are used to initialize the model, the .run file is also provided.

Solar models

1. Standard solar models

1.1. A very simple solar model

This is the model you obtain when you run cesam2k20 from the GUI, with default parameters: sun_std_simple.

The physics used is

1.2. A very simple solar model, with high numerical precision

Input file is exactly the same as above, except that we use the precision tuned to compute models for the PLATO grid of stellar models: sun_std_simple_hp.

1.3. Optimal solar model

A solar model where initial helium and \(\alpha_\mbox{MLT}\) were tuned to reach \(T_\mbox{eff} = 5772~\rm K\) and \(L = L_\odot\): sun_std_teff_l.

Same physics as above.

1.4. Optimal solar model, with high numerical precision

Same as above, with PLATO precision: sun_std_teff_l_hp.

2. Non-Standard solar models

ɑ Centauri AB

Coming soon !