Cesam2k20 is the most recent version of the CESAM stellar evolution code.

The CESAM stellar evolution code was originally developed by Pierre Morel (1997, A&AS, 124, 597), encouraged by Evry Schatzmann and Annie Baglin. Bernard Pichon, with many others, then participated in the development of a new version in modern Fortran: CESAM2k. These developments were presented in Morel & Lebreton (2008, ApSS 208, 316, 61-73). Angular momentum transport was added by João P. C. Marques (Marques et al., 2013, A&A, 549A, 74M) in the subsequent version: CESTAM. The next developments, results of significant collaborative efforts, are included in this new Cesam2k20 version.

About us

CESAM was created by Pierre Morel, on a suggestion of Evry Schatzmann and Annie Baglin, and has benefited from the work of many people, listed below (sorted alphabetically). If you participated to the developpement of one of the Cesam2k20 version and your name is not in the list, please send us an email.

Current developers:

Past developers:

Advisors on specific points:

Other codes distributed with Cesam2k20


Ouazzani et al. 2012 : Pulsations of rapidly rotating stars. I. The ACOR numerical code.


Christensen-Dalsgaard, 2011 : ADIPLS: Aarhus Adiabatic Oscillation Package (ADIPACK). Homepage




The Cesam2k20 team thanks Ambre Réau for the design of the logo.