Project ASTRO 2002-2003
by Dr Caroline Barban (1) and Dr Hervé Dole (2)
(1) National Solar Observatory, Tucson, AZ
(2) Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Pairing astronomers and teachers to bring astronomy into schools:
our example with a 4th grade class at Sewell Elementary School in Tucson.

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Project ASTRO (originated through the efforts of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in 1993) is a partnership between teachers and astronomers, in order to bring science in general and astronomy in particular into the classrooms.

This program is in Tucson, since 1996. A lot of support and documentation (like "The Universe at your Fingertips") is provided by the organizers, so it's fun and easy to find exciting activities for the kids. Also, workshops with astronomers and teachers really help to interact, share experiences and ideas. Here are some pictures of the follow-up workshop at Wendy & David Levy's house. Thanks to Connie Walker, Robert Wilson and their team at NOAO to make Project ASTRO possible in Tucson.

We present in these pages our own experience of Project ASTRO with a 4th grade class at Sewell Elementary School in Tucson. Thanks to Pam Williams, the teacher, for her kind cooperation and enthusiasm during project ASTRO.

On the right side of this page, you can access to the materials we used and developped for our visits in the classroom. We encourage you to use it ! Any feedback is welcomed.

H.D. in school
Hervé Dole explaining 4th grad kids
the relative sizes of the planets
with clay models. 19-Dec-2002.

C.B. in school
Caroline Barban explaining 4th grad kids how
to probe the interior of an object (like the Sun)
with mystery boxes. 20-Mar-2003.
Who is an Astronomer ? 1st visit: presentation of who an astronomer is and what (s)he does
The Solar System 2nd visit: realizing the relative sizes of the planets of our Solar System with clay games
The Sun and its Interior 3rd visit: understanding the sun and how we can probe its interior using its sound
Observation of the Sun 4th visit: drawing the sunspots
The Galaxies 5th visit: counting and sorting the galaxies in one of the deepest optical images: the Hubble Deep Field North

Caroline Barban and Hervé Dole

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