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Team members



Catherine TamiattoPaul LamiPierre-Amaury WestphalSteeve MartinMathieu CondaminRomain ZidaSerge FrançoisStéphane Trochet


Move your cursor over each photo to see the names. Clic on each photo to get the contact information of each member of the calibration station


Mathieu Condamin

Marc Cornu (external service provider)

Serge François

Paul Lami (head of the team)

Steeve Martin

Catherine Tamiatto

Stéphane Trochet

Pierre-Amaury Westphal

Romain Zida





Philippe Salvetat (père fondateur, 1987-1999), Charles Carabetian (1999-2004), André Chardin (2004-2017)



Daniel Parisot, Gérard Michaux, Michel Lefebvre, Romain Jeannette, Thierry Redon, André Limongi, Jérémie Hansotte



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