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Partial eclipse of the Sun, March 20th 2015

16/03/2015 - 17:00

A partial solar eclipse will be visible from Orsay, between 9:21am to 11:30am. At maximum at 10:28, about 80% of the Sun will be eclipsed.


Many researchers from IAS will be present in schools. An observation will be possible at IAS with special eclipse sunglasses, with comments from astrophysicists Frédéric Baudin and Clara Froment.


At 11:00am, Frédéric Baudin will give a public lecture about "is the Sun round ?".

A pdf file (in french) summarizes the do's  and don't for schools



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                                                                        éclipse partielle de Soleil en 2005 à Orsay (c) H. Dole


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