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COROT (COnvection and ROtation stellar and planetary TRansits) is a mission mainly led by CNES aiming at seismic observations of stars and the search for exoplanets. It was launched at the end of 2006 from Baikonur on a low polar Earth orbit for an initial duration of 3 years. It has finally been operated until the end of 2013 and scientific exploitation continues.

IAS is directly involved in the mission at various levels:

-design and realisation of an optical sub-system (imaging prism for the exoplanet channel),

-optical studies,

-instrument calibration,

-involvment in operation and data treatments in order to reach the required photometric precision,

-data archiving and distribution.


Contacts: M. Ollivier (exoplanets part) and F. Baudin (stellar part)

Project status: 
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