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Measurement and Modelling: Meeting in the Middle

Jeudi, 27 Avril, 2017 - 11:30
Bât. 121, salle 123
Nom de l'intervenant: 
E. Dartois & A. Jones (IAS, Orsay)
The nature of interstellar grains is primarily inferred from remote observations, which yield critical and constraining information about the composition of these solids. It now appears that the carbonaceous components in cosmic dust are rather more diverse than the generally-adopted graphitic carbon in many dust models and that the silicate dust is more complex than an empirical "astronomical silicate”. In this talk we will discuss some elements of dust physics and chemistry in the ISM, focusing, in particular, on the nature of amorphous carbon cosmic dust analogues. We will discuss this family of materials from the observational, laboratory and modelling perspective. We will emphasise where these approaches are in agreement and where, perhaps more interestingly, they are still not in complete accord and why this is the case.
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