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Conference in honor of Alan Gabriel on June 20th

10/06/2013 - 15:00

On June the 20th, IAS organizes in the Lehmann amphitheatre (LAL, building 200 of University Paris-Sud) the conference “Atomic physics, plasma spectroscopy, and solar physics from space: Celebrating the achievements of Alan Gabriel”. This conference aims at presenting the status of atomic physics, plasma spectroscopy, and solar physics from space, put in the perspective of the achievements made with SOHO and the missions that followed. In addition, our friend and colleague Alan Gabriel will celebrate his 80th birthday. In anticipation of this, it will be an excellent opportunity to celebrate his many (and continuing) contributions to science in various fields, from atomic physics and plasma spectroscopy (theta-pinch machine) to solar and space physics. Alan has indeed contributed to Skylab, SMM (PI of the XRP instrument), Spacelab2, and SOHO (for the GOLF, CDS, EIT, SUMER instruments). He also had an important involvement in science management, including RAL (UK), IAS (France), the ESA SSWG and SSAC working group, and the joint NASA/ESA committee for Solar Orbiter/Sentinels.

The conference will include presentations addressing new results in atomic physics, plasma spectroscopy, and solar physics, along with reminiscences related to Alan.

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