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Observations, Tools & Teaching

The faculty staff at IAS is involved in teaching experimental astrophysics, in particular thanks to the two observatories built on the University campus in early 2006 :
1- The network of radiotelescopes called RAMEAU observing at 10GHz, and located in the building 333
2- The 35cm-optical telescope, located in the dome atop building 470
These two observatories are used in astrophysics classes at the L2, M1 and M2 Pro level.
We are also involved in observing at the Observatory of Haute-Provence with Master's students.
We are also involved in the teaching of signal processing, in particular with IDL. 
Contact: Hervé Dole
RAMEAU Radiotelescopes
RAMEAU [Réseau d'Antennes Micro-ondes pour l'Enseignement de l'Astrophysique à l'Université Paris Sud, meaning network of microwave antennas for teaching astrophysics at the University Paris Sud] is observing the sky at the 10 GHz frequency (i.e. 3cm wavelength). It is composed of:
  • 10 small 80cm diameter radiotelescopes, mainly sensitive to the Sun and the Moon, regardless of the weather conditions;
  • 1 large 1m80 diameter radiotelescope, not yet set-up.

Image de RAMEAU

Credit: H. Dole, 2006

The Optical Telecsope and The Dome in Building 470

The 3.5m dome covers a Celestron 14  (35cm diameter) with a computer-controlled equatorial mount (Valméca V200).
The instrumentation is mainly a CCD camera SBIG ST-2000, with a filter wheel. A control room with 2 PCs and a printer allows for convenient and confortable data acquisition and processing.
If you want to observe with this telescope off-teaching hours, please contact the association ALCOR or send an email to observation_coupole [at]
Managers: Hervé Dole, Mathieu Vincendon, Pierre Guillard.

image de la coupole
Credit: H. Dole, 2005

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