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STEREO (Solar TErrestrial Relations Observatory) is a NASA mission composed of two nearly identical spacecraft that provide us with unprecedented three dimensional views of our Sun. STEREO was successfullly lauched by a Delta II rocket on October 25, 2006 at 8:52pm EDT from Cape Canaveral in Florida.


Each of the two STEREO spacecraft is equiped with 4 instruments suites:


IAS contributions and responsibilities


IAS participated in the development, fabrication and tests of the EUVI telescopes of the SECCHI suite of telescopes. The mirrors of EUVI were poilshed and coated at the Institut d'Optique IAS performed the radiometric calibration of these optics.


IAS leads the development FESTIVAL, a multiscale data vizualisation tool for STEREO/SECCHI data. 


More STEREO resources:

The STEREO Science Center at NASA Goddard Space flight Center
STEREO page at the Institut d'Optique

Project status: 
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