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Paradise : a new research infrastructure

08/02/2022 - 21:30

The PARADISE Scientific Interest Group (Platforms for Applied Research and Development Activities in Ground and on board Instrumentation) will join the very closed club of National Research Infrastructures in spring 2022 during the roadmap update process initiated in early 2021. IAS is a founding member of the GIS and has been leading it since its creation in 2017.



PARADISE supports instrumental projects in the sciences of the universe by offering consortia a range of test facilities and environmental simulators dedicated to testing and calibration.


On the occasion of the official announcement of the registration of PARADISE on the roadmap of national research infrastructures, an article describing the different actions and means of PARADISE has just been put online on the INSU website:




Part of the IAS calibration station in Orsay © Léa Lahmar



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