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Never 2 without 3! Three PLATO Flight cameras were tested in 2023

13/12/2023 - 11:45

During 2023, IAS was able to test 3 Flight cameras (PFM, FM4, FM5) at the Calibration Station. The last camera was finished testing in the second week of December. All of the tests of these cameras took a little over 6 months, during which thermal vacuum tests were carried out as well as scientific performance tests. A team of about twenty people from IAS and the Station worked to enable these tests. Congratulations to all for this major achievement!


Contact at IAS: Thierry Appourchaux.


The PLATO camera being electrically tested before its integration into the Saturn tank.


The Saturn tank (left hand side) in which the PLATO camera was integrated with its thermal environment box covered with silver multi-layer insulation. The collimator (black box) on the right hand side simulates a PLATO star.


Photos provided by Lionel Lourit (PA PLATO)

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