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A giant solar eruption seen by Solar Orbiter

19/02/2022 - 20:15

On February 16, the EUI/FSI telescope on Solar Orbiter has observed an impressively large prominence eruption, and traced it up to 6 solar radii, as it was as large as the Sun itself. This type of event can have consequences on technological applications (loss of satellites, degradation of the GPS signal, etc.)

When close to the Sun, the field of view of FSI is similar to that of previous extreme UV imagers. When far away however, FSI can track solar eruptions much farther from the solar surface than its predecessors. The instrument was designed and built with that unique capability in mind.

IAS is co-PI of EUI and responsible of the FSI channel that produced these unique images.

Contact at IAS : Frédéric Auchère


The 16 February 2022 eruption, observed by Solar Orbiter/EUI/FSI in its 30.4nm channel, corresponding mainly to emission from He⁺ ions. A movie of the eruption is available.

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