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The final CoRoT data have been released

24/08/2016 - 15:45

The lightcurves (time series of stellar flux measurements) from more than 160,000 stars in our Galaxy are now at the disposal of the international scientific community through the CoRoT mission archive, hosted at IAS, and at other mirror sites.
They are a gold mine for the study of exoplanets, stars, the internal structure of our Galaxy, and any research based on ultra-precise stellar photometry. These data contribute also to the preparation of the future space missions, such as PLATO, the European mission following CoRoT.

Access to the archive:
CoRoT on the CNES website:
The CoRoT Legacy Book :
Contact at IAS: Frédéric Baudin,
Screenshot of the web interface to CoRoT data.

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