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Filaments of the cosmic web shine in the X-rays in the early eROSITA survey data.

05/12/2022 - 23:45

In a recent study the ByoPiC team takes advantage of the most recent X-ray survey, SRG/eROSITA, to confirm unambiguously the detection of an X-ray signal associated with thermal emission from a hot plasma in cosmic filaments.

This signal from only 460 filaments, located in the first 140 deg² survey published by the SRG/eROSITA collaboration, has allowed the density and temperature of the plasma to be constrained precisely.

- INSU-CNRS news (in French) :

- Article in Astronomy and Astrophysics:



Representation of large filaments of the cosmic web © Tanimura, Aghanim / CNRS & Erosita

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