The Ψ2 Initiative

Ψ2 is the Paris-Saclay International Programs for Physical Sciences and their Interfaces. It is an initiative of the new Institut Pascal, funded by the Paris-Saclay University. The program's mission is to bring together groups of scientists for an extended period of time to tackle physical problems in a collaborative environment. More information on Ψ2 can be found on the site of the Paris-Saclay University.

The Core to Disk program

Core to Disk is a program of the Ψ2 initiative. It will take place at Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS) in Orsay, from May 14 to June 22, 2018.

The six-week program will bring together experts working on many facets of protostars to disks science, including: -the formation, collapse and fragmentation of dense cores which also addresses the issue of centrifugally supported discs formation and early evolution around the youngest protostars, -the late evolution of protoplanetary discs whose main objectives are the origin of the angular momentum transportation, the dynamics of gas and dust as well as the growth from grains to planetesimals -the study of solar nebulae constituents such as grains and meteorites from a dynamical and chemical perspectives

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Emmanuel Dartois (IAS)
  • Jean Duprat (CSNSM)
  • Sebastien Fromang (AIM)
  • Emilie Habart (IAS)
  • Patrick Hennebelle (AIM)
  • Anaelle Maury (AIM)
  • Eric Pantin (AIM)

Financial support

The PSI2 program will subsidize the hotel and most of the meal expenses for non-local participants