THEMIS grids

The extinction (EXT_xx.RES files) and emission (SED_xx.RES files) spectra were computed with the DustEM numerical tool using the Mathis et al. (1983) radiation field, scaled by the factor G0 ∈ [0.1, 100]. The spectra are given on a grid containing 800 steps between 0.04 and 105 μm.

The emission files contain the the emission per proton for each grain population 4πνIν/NH in erg/s/H as a function of wavelength (NH is the proton column density). The grain populations are labelled with the following names:

The extinction files contain the extinction cross-section (σabssca) for each grain population per gram of dust type. The total optical depth and extinction are then (see the DustEM userguide):
τ(λ) = ∑ttabsttscatt) Mtt/MH mH NH
Aλ = 1.086 × τ(λ).

The size distribution files (SDIST_xx.RES) were also computed with DustEM and contain the mass distribution (a3 dn/dlna in cm3/H) as a function of the effective grain radius a in microns.

CM grains

♣ CM extinction spectrum → here
♣ CM emission spectrum for G0 = 1here
♣ CM temperature distribution for G0 = 1here
♣ CM size distribution → here
♣ CM emission spectra for G0 ∈ [0.1, 100] → here

CMM grains

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AMM grains

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AMMI grains

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