The venue

The ISM beyond 3D program will take place in building 209F of the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS) on the University Paris-Sud campus in Orsay. The 209F is equiped with 7 triple offices, a meeting room for up to 50 people and a large common/coffee room for informal discussions. This is where most of the ISM3D activities will take place.


Each participant will be provided with a desk for the duration of his/her stay. The IAS 209F building has 21 desks available for non-local visitors. Other office space will be available in the main IAS building (across the street).

Local scientists from the Orsay-Saclay-Paris area are welcome to participate. We encourage them to inform us in advance of their visit so that we can provide them with office space, if possible.


Network access is provided either through Ethernet or Wifi.

Ethernet access is available in all offices. This is the favoured way to connect to the network. It is faster, it gives access to the local printer and it unloads the wifi. We encourage participant to bring ethernet cables and adaptors to connect their laptop. Adaptors will not be provided on site.


  • Eduroam network. The easiest way to connect to the wifi. If possible, we encourage participants to set an Eduroam account prior to coming.
  • Visiteurs network. This local network can be accessed with a token. A personnalized token will be given to invited participants when they arrive. Other participants (e.g. local participants) can obtain a daily token (ask local organiser).
Please note that computers connected to the wifi do not have access to the local printer.


The local printer is copieur-209F. It can be accessed through Ethernet only.

Collaborative platform

Unlike similar programs held at other institutes we will not use a wiki for exchanging information. The collaborative information exchange will be done primarly using a dedicated SLACK team:


In general for lunch we will go to the local restaurant of the university (the "cantine", 5 min walk). It is a self-serve restaurant with a limited choice of meals every day but the menu changes daily.

There is also the possibility to go to the town of Orsay (12 min walks) where you will find a few restaurants, a grocery store and 2-3 bakeries where you can buy sandwiches, quiches and salads to go. The town of Orsay has a few lovely parks where you can have lunch outside.

Local maps