GOLF Consortium

A complete description of the GOLF instrument was published by Solar Physics, vol. 162, p. 61-99, 1995.

You can also find the essential information in Golf Instrument page.

GOLF People

    Major responsibilities in the GOLF team:
  • Principal Investigator (PI): Patrick Boumier (IAS). Till December 2010, the PI was Alan Gabriel (IAS; retired)
  • Project Scientist (PS): Gérard Grec (OCA; retired)
  • Computer manager and quick look monitoring: Catherine Renaud (OCA; retired)
  • Velocity calibration: Patrick Boumier (IAS), Rafaël Garcia (SAp/CEA), Gérard Grec (OCA; retired)
  • Detector performances: Sylvaine Turck-Chièze (SAp/CEA; retired)
  • Archive and data distribution: Frédéric Baudin

GOLF People

    Former Scientific Committee:
  • Alan Gabriel (IAS) - Principal Investigator
  • Gérard Grec (OCA) - Project Scientist
  • Jean-Maurice Robillot (University Bordeaux 1)
  • Teo Roca Cortés (IAC)
  • Sylvaine Turck-Chièze (SAp/CEA)
  • Roger Ulrich (UCLA)
  • Scientific Committee Advisors: Jacques Charra (IAS), Patrick Boumier (IAS)
  • Former Technical Manager:
  • Jacques Charra then Maryse Charra (IAS)

GOLF People

The GOLF experiment is based upon a consortium of institutes (IAS, CEA/Saclay, Nice and Bordeaux Observatories from France, and IAC from Spain) involving a large number of scientists and engineers, as enumerated in Gabriel et al.(1995). Many of them are now retired ; we are greatly debtful to all of them, and we will never forget their contribution. Special thanks, either for instrumental development or data analysis to:

D. Barbet, L. Bertello, G. Berthomieu, R. Bocchia, S. Caminade, F. Canovas, M. Cantin, E. Cespédes, M. Chaigneau, T. Corbard, B. Cougrand, J. Crétolle, L. Damé, M. Decaudin, N. Denis, R. Duc, H. Dzitko, A. Eff-Darwich, E. Fossat, T. Foglizzo, J.J. Fourmond, B. Gelly, D. Gough, C. Grivel, G. Guyot, C. Hallier, J.M. Herreros, A. Jiménez, A. Jones, D. Krakowsky, H. Lagardère, C. Lizambert, Y. Longval, I. Lopes, C. Marmolino , G. Michaux, J.P. Moalic, B. Morin, C. Nicolas, P.L. Pallé, D. Parisot, N. Pétrou, E. Poindron, J. Provost, H.B. van der Raay, C. Régulo, A. Roy, D. Salabert, Ph. Salvetat, M. Sanchez, F.-X. Schmider, G. Severino, C. Tamiatto, S. Thiery