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"Fête de la science" 2018 at IAS : sunday October 14th (upcoming program)


Visit of the Calibration Station, followed by fun experiments on vacuum and cryogeny (J. Hansotte, S. François, M. Condamin), departure from building 209F at 14h30, 15h30, and 16h30, groups of maximum 20 people :

  • Presentation of the experimental hall (place where instruments are calibrated in space environment before being sent in space)

  • Funny experiments :

- The mishaps of  M. Ballon

The plutonian ice cube

- The cryogenic barbecue



"Fête de la science" 2017 at IAS : sunday October 15th (program)


photo1_FS2017_station.png photo2_FS2017_station.png
photo3_FS2017_station.png photo4_FS2017_station_reduite.jpg


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