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Ongoing theses at the IAS

Ongoing theses as of 02 January 2018.

Teams :
-  MIC : Interstellar Matter and Cosmology
-  PSS : Solar and Stellar Physics
-  A&O : Astrochemistry and Origins
-  SS&SP : Solar System and Planetary Systems

First name - Last name Team Supervisor(s) Beginning
Clément Royer SS&SP F. Poulet & C. Pilorget 2017
Louis Manchon PSS J. Marques 2017
Natalia Zambrana Prado PSS E. Buchlin 2017
Thiébaut Schirmer MIC A. Abergel & L. Vertraete 2017
Adélie Gorce MIC M. Douspis (& J. Pritchard, Imperial College) 2017
Louis Legrand MIC M. Douspis & N. Aghanim 2017
Édouard Lecoq MIC M. Langer & N. Aghanim 2017
Thomas Bouteraon MIC E. Habart & N. Ysard 2016
Nadège Lemarchand MIC J. Grain 2016
Victor Bonjean MIC N. Aghanim (& Ph. Salomé, LERMA) 2016
Antoine Marchal MIC M.-A. Miville-Deschênes  2016
Gabriel Pelouze PSS F. Auchère & K. Bocchialini 2016
Pierre Guiot SS&SP M. Vincendon & J. Carter 2016
Ping Zhang PSS E. Buchlin & J.-C. Vial 2016
Zelia Dionnet A&O R. Brunetto 2015
Amine Hadj Youcef MIC A. Abergel 2015
Samantha Stever MIC B. Maffei 2015
Benjamin Clarenc MIC H. Dole 2015
Frédéric Marcadon PSS T. Appourchaux 2014


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