PhD in astrophysics, I just defended my thesis. I am looking for opportunities in Paris and its region in areas related to the environment, open digital and education. My main skills are research, modelling, spectroscopic data processing and analysis in the fields of physics, nanosciences and astrophysics. I am an advanced Python user.


- PhD in Astrophysics
- Master 2 in Nano-sciences
- Master 1 in Materials Physics


- Physics
- Astrophysics
- Nano-sciences
- Data processing in infrared spectroscopy
- Modelling
- IT: Python, Linux/Ubuntu, shell/bash

Other skills

- English
- Scientific mediation
- Scientific monitoring
- IT: website, raspberry pi

Focus areas

- Economy
- Politics
- Free software




All my papers

Properties of carbon nanodust in protoplanetary discs - 2016-2019 - Thesis

Dust plays major roles in the formation of molecules, gas heating and disc dynamics. Studying its composition and evoultion allows us to understand how planets and complex molecules are formed.

Methods :
- processing of infrared spectroscopic data from observations obtained with the NaCo instrument at the VLT
- dust modelling THEMIS and disc modelling with the radiative transfer code Polaris .

Results :
- detection of the presence of nanometric carbonaceous dust in different regions of protoplanetary discs
- their signatures suggest a mechanism for renewing the material on the surface of the discs

My paper > pdf

Volatile resistive transition of Mott insulators - 2016 - Research internship

Mott insulators are materials with strong electronic correlations that produce properties such as superconductivity, colossal magnetoresistance or insulation-to-metal transition. Applications for RAM memories or artificial neurons are being considered.

Methods :
- thin film production by magnetron sputtering
- characterisation and measurement of electrical properties
- thin film modeling with COMSOL

Results :
Highlighting the volatile resistive transition on thin film

My report > pdf

Stability of (endo-)fullerenes - 2015 - Research internship

Fullerenes are an allotropic form of carbon, similar to graphene and carbon nanotubes. Molecules forming a closed cage, they have high symmetry and stability. Observed in the interstellar medium, medical applications are also being considered.

Methods :
- fullerene modeling and DFT calculation with Aimpro
- mass spectra analysis

Results :
EStudy of the stability of fullerenes according to their size and fullerene complexes - Iron

My report > pdf

Training and symposia


- Artificial intelligence for astrophysics in the era of big-data
- Astrophysical database tools and services (Virtual Observatory)
- Contributions of theatrical techniques in pedagogy


Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium (PCMI), Lille - 2016, Marseille - 2018

Psi2 programs, Orsay - 2017-2018

- Core2disk

Cosmic dust, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2018

Schools of Physics, Les Houches - 2017-2018

- Chronology of the formation of the solar system VI: The outer solar system and its relationship with the interstellar medium
- PAHs in the interstellar medium: observational, experimental and computer tools

Cosmic fullerenes, Edinburgh, Scotland - 2017, Orsay - 2018

NanoteC, Nantes - 2017

Research Group (GDR) Materials, Electronic States, Non-Conventional Interactions and Couplings, Aussois - 2016

Teaching and mediation


Teaching in IUT Physical Measurements - 2016-2019
In charge of tutotials: Material properties (electrical, mechanical, thermal)
TP Manager: Structure and Properties of Materials


Rencontres du ciel et de l'espace, Paris - Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - 2018

Guided tour of the exhibition of the Great Story of the Universe on the theme Stars and Interstellar Medium
> website

Chronothesis (my thesis in 5 minutes), Paris - Sorbonne University - 2017

> website

Fête de la science, Orsay - Université Paris-Sud - 2017

Presentation of the interstellar medium

Meeting in High School, Aulnay-sous-bois - Lycée Voillaume - 2018

Presentation of the work of the profession of researcher and doctoral student in astrophysics


Soon available

Thomas Boutéraon

PhD in Astrophysics
Research, modelling, data processing and analysis
Physics, Nanosciences, Astrophysics

+33 6 75 55 49 64