Dr. rer. nat. Nicole Nesvadba

Extragalactic astronomer at the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale at the Universite Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay in Orsay near Paris.

Main research interests

Galaxy formation and evolution, gas kinematics in galaxies, and the interplay of galaxy interactions, and feedback from star formation and active galactic nuclei.
Extensive track record in observations from the optical, near, mid, and far infrared to the millimeter and centimeter radio. Imaging spectroscopy and interferometry.

Research highlight (for the general public)

The Emerald: a jewel to understand the evolution of early massive galaxies

Press release published by Universite Paris-Sud, CNRS, and IRAM about our discovery of multiple molecular gas components and a galactic "fountain" in the "Emerald" one of Planck's Dusty GEMS in the early Universe.

Research highlight (for the general public)

Bubble Blowing Black Hole Jet’s Impact on Galactic Evolution

News published by the GEMINI observatory to highlight our observations of gas heating through the radio jets in a nearby radio galaxy, featuring a project led by H. Zovaro at ANU.

Research highlight (for the general public)

High-redshift galaxies discovered by Planck and Herschel

Press release of the discovery of high-redshift galaxies with Planck and Herschel, including the sample of the brightest, gravitationally lensed galaxies on the sub-mm sky as seen with the Planck all-sky survey. Planck's Dusty GEMS.

Employment history

Since 2009: Permanent CNRS research associate at IAS.

2006-2008: Marie Curie fellow at the Observatoire de Paris/Meudon.

2003-2006: Graduate student at the Max-Planck Institut fuer extragalaktische Physik, Garching.

Academic degrees

10. December 2012: Habilitation à diriger des recherches

6. June 2006: PhD thesis at the Maximilians Universität München. Advisors: Prof. Dr. R. Genzel, Dr. M. Lehnert: Integral-Field Spectroscopy of High-redshift galaxies: Implications for Early Galaxy Evolution }

15 May 2001: Diploma thesis at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München. Advisor: Prof. Dr. D. Schaile: Flavor-Independent Search for the Higgs-Boson in the hZ Channel at LEP

Research highlights (for scientists)

Summary of my main research themes and projects at a level appropriate for non-expert scientists.

Publication record

Ten most recent refereed publications

as of February 2019. For a full list please see here.

Jets blowing bubbles in the young radio galaxy 4C 31.04

Zovaro, Henry R. M.; Sharp, Robert; Nesvadba, Nicole P. H.; Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Mukherjee, Dipanjan; Wagner, Alexander Y.; Groves, Brent; Krishna, Shreyam

Deep and narrow CO absorption revealing molecular clouds in the Hydra-A brightest cluster galaxy

Rose, Tom; Edge, A. C.; Combes, F.; Gaspari, M.; Hamer, S.; Nesvadba, N.; Russell, H.; Tremblay, G. R.; Baum, S. A.; O'Dea, C.; Peck, A. B.; Sarazin, C.; Vantyghem, A.; Bremer, M.; Donahue, M.; Fabian, A. C.; Ferland, G.; McNamara, B. R.; Mittal, R.; Oonk, J. B. R.; Salomé, P.; Swinbank, A. M.; Voit, M.

Massive galaxies on the road to quenching: ALMA observations of powerful high redshift radio galaxies

Falkendal, Theresa; De Breuck, Carlos; Lehnert, Matthew D.; Drouart, Guillaume; Vernet, Joël; Emonts, Bjorn; Lee, Minju; Nesvadba, Nicole P. H.; Seymour, Nick; Béthermin, Matthieu; Kolwa, Sthabile; Gullberg, Bitten; Wylezalek, Dominika

Planck's Dusty GEMS. VII. Atomic carbon and molecular gas in dusty starburst galaxies at z=2 to 4

Nesvadba, N.; Canameras, R.; Kneissl, R.; Koenig, S.; Yang, C.; Le Floc'h, E.; Omont, A.; Scott, D.

Planck's dusty GEMS. VI. Multi-J CO excitation and interstellar medium conditions in dusty starburst galaxies at z = 2-4

Cañameras, R.; Yang, C.; Nesvadba, N. P. H.; Beelen, A.; Kneissl, R.; Koenig, S.; Le Floc'h, E.; Limousin, M.; Malhotra, S.; Omont, A.; Scott, D.

Planck's dusty GEMS. V. Molecular wind and clump stability in a strongly lensed star-forming galaxy at z = 2.2

Cañameras, R.; Nesvadba, N. P. H.; Limousin, M.; Dole, H.; Kneissl, R.; Koenig, S.; Le Floc'h, E.; Petitpas, G.; Scott, D.

Neutral versus ionized gas kinematics at z ≃ 2.6: the AGN-host starburst galaxy PKS 0529-549

Lelli, Federico; De Breuck, Carlos; Falkendal, Theresa; Fraternali, Filippo; Man, Allison W. S.; Nesvadba, Nicole P. H.; Lehnert, Matthew D.

The jet-ISM interactions in IC 5063

Mukherjee, Dipanjan; Wagner, Alexander Y.; Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Morganti, Raffaella; Oosterloo, Tom; Nesvadba, Nicole; Sutherland, Ralph S.

Relativistic jet feedback - II. Relationship to gigahertz peak spectrum and compact steep spectrum radio galaxies

Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Mukherjee, Dipanjan; Wagner, Alexander Y.; Sutherland, Ralph S.; Nesvadba, Nicole P. H.

Relativistic jet feedback - II. Relationship to gigahertz peak spectrum and compact steep spectrum radio galaxies

Kneissl, Rüdiger; Polletta, Maria del Carmen; Martinache, Clement; Hill, Ryley; Clarenc, Benjamin; Dole, Herve A.; Nesvadba, Nicole P. H.; Scott, Douglas; Béthermin, Matthieu; Frye, Brenda; Giard, Martin; Lagache, Guilaine; Montier, Ludovic