Dr (Mr) Marian Douspis

Astronomer — Cosmologist

Deputy director of IAS
Scientifique head of IDOC at IAS


    Current Situation

  • Astronome à l'Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (Orsay)
  • HDR soutenue le 24/04/2014
  • Directeur adjoint IAS
  • Responsable scientifique IDOC

  • Précédemment

  • 01/2006-09/2006: Post-Doc à l'IAS
  • 01/2004-01/2006: Post-Doc au LATT (Toulouse)
  • 01/2002-01/2004: Post-Doc à l'université d'Oxford
  • 01/2001-01/2002: Coopérant du service national (Oxford)
  • 1997-2000 : thèse de doctorat au LATT (Toulouse)


  • ByoPiC: ERC project on Baryon Picture of the Cosmos
  • IAS SZ Team
  • Euclid ESA mission to map the geometry of the dark Universe
  • Planck ESA CMB satellite
  • LOFAR EOR Radio interferometric array Reionisation Key Project
  • Archeops: CMB balloon

List of publications

  • See in ADS
  • see below for the most recent ones

Sunyaev Zeldovich effect

SZ clusters in Planck and ACT [Data, Modelling, constraints]
tSZ power spectrum in Planck [Data, Modelling, constraints]
SZ kinetic effect in CMB analyses [Modelling, constraints]


Constraints from CMB T, E modes and kSZ

Large scale structures

Integrated Sachs Wolf effect
Galaxy clusters
Filaments, voids, and superclusters


SZ-cluster Database szcluster-db
MMF cluster detection
Cluster Validation tool
SZ component separation (MILCA, NILC)

Latest publications

full list available at ADS

PACT. II. Pressure profiles of galaxy clusters using Planck and ACT

New pressure profile from Planck and ACT clusters from the PACT map (combined Planck and ACT SZ map)
2021 in press, arXiv:2105.05607

First detection of stacked X-ray emission from cosmic web filaments

Determination of stacked filaments properties from Xray observations and predictions
2021 A&A , arXiv:2011.05343

PACT. I. Combining ACT and Planck data for improved extraction of tSZ signal

First SZ map combining Planck and ACT data with large and small scales
2019, A&A arXiv:1902.00350

Density and temperature of cosmic-web filaments on scales of tens of megaparsecs

Determination of stacked filaments properties from SZ and lensing observations
2020 A&A , arXiv:1911.09706

Impact of systematics on cosmological parameters from future Galaxy Clusters surveys

Forecasts of future surveys depending of the precision on systematics
2020 A&A arXiv:2005.10204

Improved constraints on reionisation from CMB observations: A parameterisation of the kSZ effect

New physical parameterisation of the kSZ for reionisation studies
2020 A&A, arXiv:2004.06616

Mass bias evolution in tSZ cluster cosmology

Investigation of possible mass and redshift evolution of the mass bias of SZ clusters
2019 A&A, arXiv:1901.03096

Star formation rates and stellar masses from machine learning

Galaxy properties from Optical and IR colors with machine learning technique
2019 A&A arXiv:1901.01932

The COSMOS-UltraVISTA stellar-to-halo mass relationship: new insights on galaxy formation efficiency out to $z\sim5$

Stellar-to-halo mass relationship from precise galaxy stellar mass function measurements in the COSMOS field
2019 A&A arXiv:1810.10557

Detection of intercluster gas in superclusters using the thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect

Detection of misssing baryons in by stacking the SZ signal of superclusters in Planck ymap
2019 A&A arXiv:1805.04555

Constraints from thermal Sunyaev-Zel’dovich cluster counts and power spectrum combined with CMB

Constraints on LCDM, nuCDM and wCDM by combining cluster number counts and tSZ power spectrum from Planck with and without CMB.
2018A&A...614A..13S, arXiv:1708.00697

Gas and galaxies in filament between clusters of galaxies: The study of A399-A401

Detection and measure of the SZ effect and galaxy properties in Galaxy Cluster pairs
2018A&A...609A..49B, arXiv:1710.08699

Observational constraints on key-parameters of cosmic reionisation history

Combined analyses of direct reionisation measurements, high redshift galaxie luinosity function and CMB to constrain escape fraction and clumping factor evolution
2018A&A...616A.113G, arXiv:1710.04152

MILCANN : A neural network assessed tSZ map for galaxy cluster detection

Neural network applied for SZ cluster detection
A&A submitted, arXiv:1702.00075

Cosmology with Planck SZ cluster number counts

Cosmological constraints from Planck SZ clusters
A&A 2014, arXiv:1303.5080

Cosmology from Planck tSZ power spectrum

Cosmological constraints from the first power spectrum from Planck tSZ map
A&A 2014, arXiv:1303.5081

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