IAS SZ and Cluster Team

Our team is gathering expertise on galaxy clusters and SZ effect for cosmology. We have been involved in several analyses of SZ signal, mostly with Planck. We led both the Planck SZ catalogues construction and cosmological analyses in 2011 and 2013. Our team is also involved in several follow-ups of Planck clusters (Chandra, XMM, RTT, ...) and is leading a large program at ESO (ESO-LP). We are producing and distributing a SZ cluster meta-catalogue in the SZcluster database. We model SZ number counts, tSZ power spectrum and kSZ power spectrum for cosmological constraint analyses. We are also developping tools for component separation and cluster detection.

Recent Work

SZ clusters on the sky

Meta catalogue of SZ clusters and candidates accounting for all Planck, SPT, ACT, Ami, Carma sources. The metacatalogue is avalaible throuh VO cone search and via the portal: SZcluster database

Cosmology from SZ number counts

Cosmological constraints from Planck XX using 189 Planck SZ galaxy clusters compared to CMB constraints.

Cosmology from SZ power spectrum

Planck SZ power spectrum of the first all sky map of the SZ effect. Power spectrum, bispectrum, and cosmological analyses are provided in Planck XXI

Component separation for SZ

For SZ component separation technics checkout NILC and MILCA

Cross correlation Xray-SZ

Power spectrum of the cross-correlation of Planck SZ map with Rosat map. Check out our papers for the modelling and analyses

Cluster Validation tool

Check out your position for Cluster association and properties (available soon)

The Team

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