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Simulations of the Infrared and Submillimeter Extragalactic Sky
by Fernandez-Conde, Lagache, Puget, Dole, 2008


The simulations of the IR galaxies are described in Fernandez-Conde, Lagache, Puget, Dole, 2008 (AandA, 481, 885), and made use of the Lagache, Dole & Puget et al., 2004 (ApJS, 154, 112) model, with the addition of a spatial distribution for the emissivity of the galaxies proportional to that of the dark matter density fluctuations. The level of the fluctuations in emissivity compared to the fluctuations of dark matter density is defined using the bias parameter. These simulations superseed the Dole et al (2003) simulations without correlations.

Getting the Simulations

The simulations are available for public use.
Maps in fits.gz are downloadable on this directory.
Some catalogs are available on this website (check out the huge CatalogSizePixNN.cat files). Larger catalogs are available on request (e.g. NN=25).
If they are used in a publication, proper credit should be given to Fernandez-Conde et al., 2008.


Check out the README.TXT file.
Current version is 31July2008.

Simulation Ingredients

Extragalactic Sources, according to the model from Lagache, Dole & Puget, et al. (2004). Maps are convolved with a Gaussian beam.
Galaxy correlations (with different bias). See Fernandez-Conde et al (2008) for more details.

Simulations Sizes

The maps are available with different pixel sizes: 2, 8 12 16 or 25 arcsec/pixel. For maps of 1024x1024 pixels, the dimensions of the maps (depending on the pixel size) are the following:

      Pixel                 linear       Surface
      2  arcsec             0.57 Deg     0.32  Sq. Deg.
      8  arcsec             2.28 Deg     5.19  Sq. Deg.
      12 arcsec             3.42 Deg     11.69 Sq. Deg.
      16 arcsec             5.20 Deg     20.79 Sq. Deg.             
      25 arcsec             7.11 Deg     50.56 Sq. Deg.

The simulations have been carried out for three different bias between dark matter and galaxies.
Each case is in a different folder, Bias0, Bias0.75 and Bias1.5.

- http://www.ias.u-psud.fr/irgalaxies -
Groupe Matière Interstellaire et Cosmologie
Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS), bat 121, F-91405 Orsay Cedex, France.
Université Paris Sud 11 and CNRS (UMR 8617)