Scientific context

The key issues in astrophysics and cosmology are: Where and how are the baryons hidden today? Answers to this questions will be provided by the detection, mapping, and assessment of the physical properties of warm and hot ionised baryons at large cosmic scales. It will be based on a statistically consistent, joint analysis of complementary multiwavelength data combined from radio, infrared, optical and X-ray surveys.


We had a great success in the first ByoPiC workshop on MAY 17-21 2018 at Malta. We organize the second ByoPiC meeting at Hossegor. The meeting will take place on June 11-14 2019, and will focus on 4 topics related to the main challenges of the project: intensive study of individual multiple systems, statistical methods to detect and reconstruct the cosmic web elements, modeling and hydrodynamical simulations to characterise the signals, and theoretical interpretations. The second ByoPiC workshop gathers experts on each of these topics to facilitate the discussion and elaborate analysis strategies able to face these challenges.