Marian Douspis

Astronomer — Cosmologist

Head of "Matière Insterstellaire et Cosmologie" team
Scientifique head of IDOC


    Current Situation

  • Astronome à l'Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (Orsay)
  • HDR soutenue le 24/04/2014

  • Précédemment

  • 01/2006-09/2006: Post-Doc à l'IAS
  • 01/2004-01/2006: Post-Doc au LATT (Toulouse)
  • 01/2002-01/2004: Post-Doc à l'université d'Oxford
  • 01/2001-01/2002: Coopérant du service national (Oxford)
  • 1997-2000 : thèse de doctorat au LATT (Toulouse)


  • ByoPiC: ERC project on Baryon Picture of the Cosmos
  • IAS SZ Team
  • Euclid ESA mission to map the geometry of the dark Universe
  • Planck ESA CMB satellite
  • LOFAR EOR Radio interferometric array Reionisation Key Project
  • Archeops: CMB balloon

List of publications

  • See in ADS
  • see below for the most recent ones

Sunyaev Zeldovich effect

SZ clusters in Planck and ACT [Data, Modelling, constraints]
tSZ power spectrum in Planck [Data, Modelling, constraints]
SZ kinetic effect in CMB analyses [Modelling, constraints]


Constraints from CMB T, E modes and kSZ

Large scale structures

Integrated Sachs Wolf effect
Galaxy clusters
Filaments, voids, and superclusters


SZ-cluster Database szcluster-db
MMF cluster detection
Cluster Validation tool
SZ component separation (MILCA, NILC)

Latest publications

full list available at ADS

Constraints from thermal Sunyaev-Zel’dovich cluster counts and power spectrum combined with CMB

Constraints on LCDM, nuCDM and wCDM by combining cluster number counts and tSZ power spectrum from Planck with and without CMB.
A&A in Press, arXiv:1708.00697

Gas and galaxies in filament between clusters of galaxies: The study of A399-A401

Detection and measure of the SZ effect and galaxy properties in Galaxy Cluster pairs
A&A in Press, arXiv:1710.08699

Observational constraints on key-parameters of cosmic reionisation history

Combined analyses of direct reionisation measurements, high redshift galaxie luinosity function and CMB to constrain escape fraction and clumping factor evolution
A&A submitted, arXiv:1710.04152

MILCANN : A neural network assessed tSZ map for galaxy cluster detection

Neural network applied for SZ cluster detection
A&A submitted, arXiv:1702.00075

Cosmology with Planck SZ cluster number counts

Cosmological constraints from Planck SZ clusters
A&A 2014, arXiv:1303.5080

Cosmology from Planck tSZ power spectrum

Cosmological constraints from the first power spectrum from Planck tSZ map
A&A 2014, arXiv:1303.5081

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