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Selection of publications (4 pages)


A detailed description of our research (mine and the group) is available at the Infrared Galaxies at IAS website.

Slides of talks:

Videos or Radio (in French)

  • My TEDx Ecole Polytechnique conference, Apr 23, 2015: "why the night is dark ?" Duration: 17 minutes:
  • France Inter, "La tête au carré" of Mathieu Vidard, Apr 6th, 2015: Planck and Herschel discover missing link in galaxy formation. 8 minutes in audio mp3:
  • France Culture, "Continent science" of Stéphane Deligeorges, Apr 7 2014: "Planck satellite and the beginnings of the universe". 54 minutes in audio mp3:
  • France Culture, "Science publique" of Michel Alberganti, March 29th, 2013: "what Planck tells us". 54 minutes in audio mp3 (with Nabila Aghanim, Aurelien Barrau, Alain Riazuelo):


  • Extragalactic Astrophysics; Cosmology
  • Galaxy formation and evolution;
  • Nature of Infrared Galaxies; Statistical properties of galaxies;
  • Extragalactic Background Light; Cosmic Infrared Background;
  • Modelization;
  • Characterization and calibration of IR space instruments;
  • Multi wavelength observations, e.g. submm, mm, radio;
  • Large Scale Structure; Galaxy Clusters; Cosmic Microwave Background; Reionization.


- http://www.ias.u-psud.fr/dole -
Pr Hervé Dole, PhD
Tel: 33 1 69 85 85 72. Fax: 33 1 69 85 86 75. Email: Herve.Dole ias.u-psud.fr
Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS), bât 121, F-91405 Orsay Cedex, France.
Université Paris Sud and CNRS (UMR 8617) and IUF (2010-15)