Playing with solar imaging data


7 December 2012 - Major Release - FESTIVAL 5.0

FESTIVAL 5.0 is a major release !

  • Support for AIA / SDO data
  • Support for SWAP / PROBA2 data
  • Support for SECCHI double exposure images
  • Base differences and N-x running differences
  • Optional compensation of solar rotation in difference mode
  • Snap-to-stars HI differences
  • more ...


FESTIVAL is an IDL-based browser designed for simultaneous, fast and easy manipulation of solar imaging data. It currently supports AIA/SDO, SECCHI/STEREO, EIT/SOHO, LASCO/SOHO, NRH, MkIV, TRACE and XRT mages.

FESTIVAL works with FITS files installed locally on your computer (or on remote disks mounted via NFS). It automatically builds dynamic composite images of the sky as seen by the STEREO A, B & SOHO probes by interpreting the information stored in the FITS headers (plate scale, roll angle, position of the Sun, etc.). The composites preserve the native resolution of all the instruments, and you can zoom in and out in them to explore the full range of angular scales covered by SECCHI and EIT/LASCO: from the arcsecond (EUVI/EIT) to tens of degrees (HI1/HI2), all at the click of a button!

Main features:

FESTIVAL is a collaborative project managed by IAS and supported by CNES.


Latest update: 1st december 2012 - Frédéric Auchère