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Second Announcement of the First SMESE workshop

Coronal mass ejections and flares : new insights with the SMESE project

Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris,
98 bis boulevard Arago,
75014 Paris,
10-12 March 2008

SMESE Overview

The Small Explorer for Solar Eruptions (SMESE) mission is a French-Chinese satellite dedicated to the combined study of coronal mass ejections and flares. Its payload consists of a Lyman α imager and a Lyman α coronagraph (LYOT), a far infra-red telescope (DESIR) and a hard X and γ ray spectrometer (HEBS). Its Sun-synchronous orbit will allow for continuous observations. It should operate by the end of 2012.

Objectives of the Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to assemble the solar community experts involved in Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) and Flare studies in the framework of the upcoming SMESE mission; to inform the community about the capabilities of the SMESE instrumentation; to assess how the SMESE mission can best meet its objectives; to establish specialist working groups and to form links between theoreticians, observers and instrumentalists from both the CME and Flare communities.

Scientific Program

See the latest version here

Social Events

Reception at Paris Observatory : Monday 10 March at 19.00
Workshop dinner : Tuesday 11 March at 19.30


The registration is now closed

There is a conference fee of 120 euros (TTC) including the admission to all scientific sessions, coffee breaks, conference material, welcome reception and workshop dinner.
Participants can register now with credit card payment.

Note : if you have alreay pre-registered, please fill in this form
Speakers are invited to provide the titles and abstracts of their talks and posters.


The Powerpoint presentations will be recorded on a CD which will be distributed to the participants.

Scientific Organizing Committee

E. Antonucci, (Oss. Torino, Italy), J.-L. Bougeret (LESIA/OP, France), D. Deming (GSFC, USA), C. Fang (Nanjing Univ., China)(co-chair of SOC), A. Fludra (RAL, UK), W. Gan (PMO, China), M. Guhathakurta (NASA, USA), J.-F. Hochedez (ROB, Belgium), P. Kaufmann (Univ. Mackenzie & UNICAMP Brazil), S. Koutchmy (IAP, France), P. Lamy (LAM, France), R. Lin (SSL, USA), P. Louarn (CESR, France), D. Mueller (ESA), J.-Y. Prado (CNES, France), U. Schühle (MPS, Germany), G. Trottet (LESIA/OP, France)(co-chair of SOC), J.-C. Vial (IAS, France)(co-chair of SOC), N. Vilmer (LESIA/OP, France), A.Vourlidas (NRL, USA), J.X. Wang (NAOC, China), J. Wu (CSSAR, China)

Local Organizing Committee

F. Auchère (I.A.S.), K. Bocchialini (I.A.S.), S. Caminade (I.A.S.), C. Cougrand ( chairperson, I.A.S.), F. Dauny (LESIA/OP), M.-P. Issartel, K.-L. Klein (LESIA/OP), S. Koutchmy (I.A.P.), J.-P. Rozet (I.A.S.), G. Trottet (LESIA/OP), J.-C. Vial (I.A.S.)

Contact person

C. Cougrand
Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale
Université Paris-Sud
Bâtiment 121
91405 Orsay Cedex France
Tel. : (33) 1 69 85 85 11
Fax : (33) 1 69 85 87 01