About me

I am a post-doc researcher working at IAS Orsay (France), where I am a member of the ByoPiC ERC program. My research interests include galaxy formation and evolution, the measurement of the environment, the Large Scale Structure and the high-redshift Universe.



Here's the most recent one:

Characterising Filaments In The SDSS Volume From The Galaxy Distribution
Nicola Malavasi, Nabila Aghanim, Marian Douspis, Hideki Tanimura, Victor Bonjean
2020, A&A, in press


Talks & Posters

Here's the last conference I have attended

EAS 2020: European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2020
Virtual Meeting 29 June-03 July 2020.
Two seminars.


Scientific interests

My main research interest is the study of galaxy environment (both local and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe) and its relation to galaxy evolution and star-formation quenching. I study the problem from an observational point of view.