Data from previous calibrations

One series is available covering data from April 11, 1996 to December 31, 2013. Data from both detectors (PM1 and PM2) are available, as well as the mean of the two PMs. We have reason to suspect a slightly enhanced noise contribution from PM1. The user can choose to avoid this by using only PM2, or to reduce counting noise by summing the two. The temporal cadence of the time series is of 60 seconds and the duty cycle is of 96. Please cite García et al. (2005) when publishing results using these data.

In the past, six sets were available representing 3 different calibration methods and the 2 detectors PM1 and PM2. Here are series coming from techniques different from the one used above. The time series (calibration L2A and L2B) cover 11/4/1996 to 15/9/2004 (with a sampling of 20s). All series can be obtained (in FITS format) by clicks on the following links:

  • Calibration L2A by Luca Bertello (please cite Ulrich et al. if you use these data): data from PM1 and PM2
  • Calibration L2B by Gerard Grec (please cite Gelly et al. if you use these data): data from PM1 and PM2