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The COSMology & eXtragalactics (COSM!X) team addresses two major themes of the field: the physical laws that govern the Universe, and the formation and evolution of the Universe. The activities of the COSM!X team are articulated around a continuum of physical problems related to the structuration of matter from the largest scales of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) down to the scales of galaxies. They draw on modelling, simulations, theoretical and observational approaches.


A special effort is being conducted for the development of tools for data processing and analysis, as well as for the distribution of products and reference softwares to the community. In parallel, we conduct multidisciplinary R&D in the field of bolometers, including bolometer arrays for future projects.


Our instrumental developments are done in the context of the space- and ground-based programmes of the discipline. We were PI of the Planck/HFI. We had and have commitments in instrumental contributions or ground segments for ISOXMM-NewtonHerschelEUCLID (M2 ESA Mission), PILOT (CNES balloon-borne experiment), PRONAOS (CNES balloon-borne experiment), NIKA (instrument for the 30m telescope of IRAM), ATHENA (L2 ESA Mission). We are driving the development of Litebird (JAXA) and Pristine as future satellites of the FDC.


Members of the team :


Nabila Aghanim (Senior Researcher)
Victor Bonjean (Doctoral Student)

Tony Bonnaire (Doctoral Student)
Noël Coron (Emeritus Senior Researcher)
Hervé Dole (Professor) 
Marian Douspis (Astronomer, head of the team)

Daniela Galarraga (Doctoral Student)
Adélie Gorce (Doctoral Student)

Céline Gouin (Post-doc)
Julien Grain (Researcher)
Reinier Janssen (Post-doc)

Alexander Kolodzig (Post-doc)
Mathieu Langer (Associate Professor)
Edouard Lecoq (Doctoral Student)
Louis Legrand (Doctoral Student)
Nadège Lemarchand (Doctoral Student)
Bruno Maffei (Professor)

Nicola Malavasi (Post-doc)

Nicole Nesvadba (Researcher)
Raphaël Peralta (CDD)

Thibaut Perdereau (Doctoral Student)
Jean-Loup Puget (Emeritus Senior Researcher)
Abdellah Roussafi (Post-doc)
Laura Salvati (Post-doc)
Samantha Stever (Doctoral Student)
Hideki Tanimura (Post-doc)

Marion Ullmo (Doctoral Student)

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Victor BonjeanSamantha SteverReinier JanssenNadège LemarchandLouis LegrandLaura SalvatiNoël CoronMarion UllmoJean-Loup PugetNabila AghanimMarian DouspisNicole NesvadbaMathieu LangerJulien GrainHervé DoleAdélie GorceAbdellah RoussafiBruno MaffeiHideki TanimuraCéline GouinNicola MalavasiDaniela GalarragaEdouard LecoqThibaut PerdereauTony BonnaireRaphaël Peralta

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