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Doctoral training at ED 127

[Download] the slides from the kick off meeting (Oct 5th, 2018)


Doctoral Training Manager

John Carter,
E-mail:   Phone: +33 (0) 1-69-85-85-29
Adress: Office #318, Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale, Bât 121, Paris-Sud University, 91405 Orsay Cedex

Goal of the doctoral courses

The main goal of the doctoral courses of the ED127 Doctoral School is to provide the PhD students with a complementary training leading to new scientific themes, methods or know-how, or simply in-depth studies of several known concepts in the field of their thesis or in different fields.

The objective is also to promote the PhD thesis as a genuine professional experience in order to support access to employment after the defense, whether within or outside the framework of academic research. This is done through information and reflection about all potential professional horizons.


Content of the training classes

Doctoral training at the Ecole Doctorale 127 consists of 90 hours divided as follows:

   1. Participation to a least one thematic school (typically accounting for 30hrs), on a topic that can be close or not to the PhD subject.

   2. 60 hours of training subdivided as follows:

      -   participation to long modules of 30hrs and short modules of 15hrs proposed by Doctoral School ED127

      -   participating to training modules proposed by other doctoral schools (see list and updates at the end of this page)

      -   participation to courses at the Collège de France

      -   participation to the "Doctoriales" regularly organized by several Universities.

      -   attending classes of a "Master 2" level (or equivalent), differing from those that were followed before as a student

The full list of modules provided by the ED127, as well as a number of links to institutes providing other doctoral training classes is available at the end of this page.

   3. In addition to these 90 training hrs, it is required of PhDs with a French contract to attend a short training class on Ethics in science and/or the scientific method.

PhD students wishing to attend more classes than the 90-hour requirement are free to do so.


Foreign students, contracts, and PhDs partly carried out outside France


Foreign PhD students defending in a French institute/university and/or with a French contract are required to comply with these training requirements.

Should specific needs/constraints arise for recently arrived foreign students, the formation plan may be adapted after discussing with the formation manager.

Equally, should a significant fraction of the PhD be carried out outside of France, or should other training requirements exist from another party involved in the thesis contract, the formation plan can be adapted. In any case, contact the formation manager for more information.



Registration to doctoral classes provided by the ED 127 doctoral school is easy :

- PhD students affiliated to the ED 127 : register on the on-line interface ADUM. Find the 'Formation' tab, then 'Catalog', then select the modules you want. A confirmation email will be sent to you when the inscription phase of a given module is completed.
- PhD students affiliated to other doctoral schools : also register directly on ADUM if the module you want is marked as available to you. In any case, send an email to the doctoral trainer manager stating your Doctoral School. Registration will be possible if the module is not already full, and you will receive a confirmation email from the manager.
Registering to a course mandates their attendance. Only in exceptional circumstances may participation to a course be cancelled. Should it be the case, inform the manager as soon as possible

Additional info:
- PhD students should keep their Formation/training plan updated in their ADUM profile. This will be required in order to defend your thesis.
- It is highly recommended to carry out most of your training sessions during your first two years.
- Registration to ED127 training classes opens at the beginning of each academic year. Registration to schools and training sessions outside the ED127 depends on their own schedule.
- First year PhD students do not have to register to all 90 hours of training sessions and schools at the beginning of the year. It is advised to register for classes over the first 2 years, and sometimes to wait until a school of particular interest pops up over the next 3 years.

List of courses currently provided by the ED 127 (2018-2019)

Link to ADUM Training session Language Length (hours) Syllabus Site Contact point Start date
191714 Astrophysique Nucléaire FR/ENG 24 PDF Meudon Oertel Micaela 11 mars 2019
193057 Bayesian Statistics ENG 30 PDF Paris Wandelt Benjamin 5 novembre 2018
190637 Histoire des idées en astronomie et en physique à partir de quelques exemples FR 15 PDF Paris Bracco Christian 8 avril 2019
191478 Intelligence artificielle pour l'astrophysique à l'époque du big-data ENG 30   Meudon Huertas Marc 25 mars 2019
191717 L'habitabilité des systèmes planétaires FR 15 PDF Orsay et Guyancourt Szopa Cyril 21 jan 2019
152760 L'Héliosphere comme laboratoire pour les plasmas astrophysiques : analyse des mesures in situ des missions spatiales ENG 30   Meudon Alexandrova  Olga 12 novembre 2018
191716 Les Galaxies Lointaines: Observations et Modèles (de la Voie Lactée aux âges sombres) FR/ENG 30 PDF Meudon et Paris Hammer François 18 feb 2019
191722 Les systèmes du monde des présocratiques à Newton FR 30 PDF Paris Malpangotto Michela 25 mars 2019
191712 Préparer l’'après thèse FR 30 PDF Orsay  Ollivier Marc 21 jan 2019
191708 Simulations numériques et calcul haute performance: Applications à l'hydrodynamique pour l'astrophysique FR 30   Saclay Bournaud Frederic 14 jan 2019
191720 Stochastic Processes in Astrophysics and Cosmology ENG 30   Meudon Pier-Stefano  Corasaniti 1 avril 2019


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