STEllar SCIence


First Meeting of the WP120:

First description of the procedures for the determination of stellar masses, radius, age

PLATO Stellar Science kick-off meeting

9-10 April 2015, Paris

The first PLATO Stellar Science (WP120 STESCI) meeting after the ESA M3 selection will be held on April 9th-10th 2015 in Paris.  

The meeting will be held in Paris Observatory (hereafter OP, 61 Avenue de l'Observatoire, 75014 Paris) as well as in Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (hereafter IAP, 98bis Boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris).

The goal is to produce at the end of the meeting a preliminary draft of WP120  Definition document  that will describe the specifications of the methods and procedures for accurately characterising the stars of the core program. The internal and external inputs/outputs will be detailled as well as the interface procedures between the WPs within WP120 and with the Plato Data Center (PDC). This document is requested as part of the internal Consortium datapackage.  

The meeting will be organised in plenary sessions as well as an afternoon splinter session. There will be 5 working groups (description below). For each stellar property considered as an output a the working group, the specification document (a preliminary draft) must contain  for instance:

-output:  definition and/or description, required PLATO specification

-inputs: definition and/or description, specification of the quality of the input needed to  provide the output satisfying the requested Plato specification

-tools: methods (to obtain the output and its uncertainty) and procedures to run these methods

-interfaces with PDC

-tests and simulations, observations

-identification of biases keeping from reaching the specifications

-the work to be done before adoption (beginning 2016)

There will be also a list of questions (general or specific to each working group) to be answered.

Working groups (with examples of output)

* WG1  (chair M.A. Dupret): Stellar models

output: specifications for parameters driving a high quality of the stellar models to be built, specifications for the grids, ...

* WG2 (chair T. Morel): Non-seismic diagnostics and model atmosphere

output: stellar radius, gravity, effective temperature, chemical composition, ...

* WG3  (chair: A. F. Lanza): Stellar activity & rotation

output: rotation periods, activity level, ...

* WG4  (chair M. Cunha): Seismic diagnostics and stellar parameters

output: seismic stellar mass, radius, age ...

* WG5  (chair W.J. Chaplin): Seismic data analysis

output:  oscillation frequencies, amplitudes, widths ...

Final program

List of participants and participants of the splinters.


The meeting will be held in Paris Observatory as well as in Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (IAP). More detailed information is available here.


M.J. Goupil (Chair) – M.A. Dupret – T. Morel – A.F. Lanza –M. Cunha – J. Christensen-Dalsgaard – K. Belkacem – B. Mosser – W.J. Chaplin – F. Baudin


M.J. Goupil (Chair) -  K. Belkacem – C. Barban - F. Baudin – T. Sonoi – M. Vrard – R. Peralta

Contact : kevin.belkacem -at- and mariejo.goupil -at-