About me

I am a post-doc researcher working at IAS Orsay (France), where I am a member of the ByoPiC ERC program. My research interests include galaxy formation and evolution, the measurement of the environment, the Large Scale Structure and the high-redshift Universe.



Here's the most recent one:

Reconstructing The Galaxy Density Field With Photometric Redshifts: II. The Environment-Dependent Evolution Of Galaxies To z = 3
Nicola Malavasi, Lucia Pozzetti, Olga Cucciati, Sandro Bardelli, Olivier Ilbert, Andrea Cimatti
2017, MNRAS, 470, 1274


Talks & Posters

Here's the last conference I have attended

The Galaxy Life-Cycle 2016
Venice (Italy), 24-28 October 2016.
Poster contribution.