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First KASC workshop

Orsay, October 29 - 31, 2007

Meeting Objectives

The objectives of the first Kepler Asteroseismology Meeting are twofold. First of all, the aim of the meeting is to formally start the work of the Kepler Asteroseismology Science Consortium (KASC) and to allow members of KASC to meet and discuss the background and contents of the Kepler Asteroseismic Investigation (KAI).

Second, the meeting shall allow the KASC Steering Committee to plan the work within KAI, especially concerning know-how, background and the amount of work that each KASC subgroup expects to contribute to the overall project. The programme will contain overview presentations of the Kepler Mission, focusing on the asteroseismology part of the project. We also plan a session on the latest news from CoRoT and MOST in order to be able to discuss the relation between the existing space missions and Kepler.

A series of contributing talks by members of KASC will take place on Tuesday, and after this we expect a number of splinter meetings on specific activities to be held.

The meeting will only be open for members of KASC. All people attending the meeting will have to sign the Kepler non-disclosure agreement before the start of the meeting.


Hard deadline for registration: September 21, 2007 !

Conference dinner information

You will find here a map to go to the conference dinner (on a boat!), and the map of the areas of Paris we will go through.
A jacket and a tie are highly recommended. No tail though.
Pictures of the dinner
PDF version of the pictures


Thierry Appourchaux
Catherine Cougrand (Secretary)