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Velocity flows inside NOA AR 10720 derived by ring diagram analysis from SOHO/MDI dopplergrams


Burrows Keiran


Aberystwyth University


Local helioseismology
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Balazs Pinter


Between 13th and 16th January 2005, active region 10720 was the site of several large flares, one of which induced a solar quake. The expanding wave front of the quake was visible across the surface, causing both horizontal and vertical plasma displacements. Using a new scanning technique for ring diagram analysis of SOHO/MDI dopplergrams, we have calculated the horizontal velocity flows within the active region and the surrounding areas to a depth of around 20Mm. From that, we have estimated the radial profile of plasma inflows (or outflows) into the layers under the active region during this period, as a result of the quake.
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