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Global p-mode oscillations throughout the complete solar cycle 23


Salabert David


Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias


Solar diameter, irradiance and activity
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Garcia R.A., Ballot J., Sato K., Palle L., Jimenez A., Mathur S.
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)CEA, OMP, IAC, HAO


The parameters of the p-mode oscillations vary with the solar surface activity.
Such temporal variations provide insights for the study of the structural changes
occuring in the Sun's interior troughout the solar cycle. We present here a
complete picture of the temporal variations of the global p-mode parameters
(frequencies, amplitudes, linewidths, asymmetries, and splittings) over the
entire solar cycle 23 as observed by the space-based, Sun-as-a-star helioseismic GOLF and VIRGO instruments onboard SoHO.
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