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Helioseismic tests with the FLASH simulation code


Gonzalez-Morales Pedro A.


University of Sheffield


Local helioseismology
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)Rekha Jain and Michael. J. Thompson


We show our first results from local helioseismic simulations using the numerical code FLASH. The FLASH code solves the fully compressible, reactive hydrodynamic equations. It was initially developed to model nuclear flashes on the surfaces of neutron stars and white dwarfs, and the interior of white dwarfs; but it has since
been applied to modelling a wide variety of astrophsyical flows. Here we test its suitability for simulating subphotospheric wave motions
in helioseismology. FLASH allows for the use of adaptive mesh refinement but we have not utilised that in the present work. In order to check the capability of this code for different sources of
waves, we have implemented a non-magnetic polytropic plane-parallel atmosphere with the energy source as suggested by Shelyag et al.
(2006). We plan to analyse our numerically generated data using the same methods as used in local helioseismology.
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