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Numerical simulations of magneto-acoustic wave propagation from the upper convection zone into the chromosphere


Nutto Christian


Kiepenheuer-Institut fr Sonnenphysik


Local helioseismology
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)O. Steiner, M. Roth


The contribution of acoustic waves to the chromospheric heating is still an open question. To resolve this issue, it is crucial to understand the propagation of waves from the convection zone, where the waves are excited, into the higher layers of the solar atmosphere. Traveling upwards through the atmosphere the waves interact with the magnetic field of the photosphere and the chromosphere.
In order to investigate this interaction, we employ 2D- and 3D-numerical simulations of the propagation of high frequency magneto-acoustic waves in a realistic model of the solar atmosphere using the CO5BOLD-code. The model atmosphere shows both, granulation and magnetic flux concentrations. Waves are artificially excited in the upper part of the convection zone, which then travel through the atmosphere. The interaction with the magnetic field takes place in the mode conversation zone where the sound speed equals the Alfvn speed. We show that this interaction drastically influences the propagation of magneto-acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere. Our results demonstrate that due to mode conversion the waves are partially refracted back into the solar atmosphere and are partially transmitted into the chromosphere. Furthermore, we discuss possible observational quantities caused by this interaction.
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