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Meridional Flow Observations: Implications for the current Flux Transport Models


Gonzalez Hernandez Irene


National Solar Observatory


Convection, dynamo and flows
Auteur(s) supplémentaire(s)R. Komm (1), S. Kholikov (1), R. Howe (1), F. Hill (1)
Institution(s) supplémentaire(s)National Solar Observatory, Tucson, AZ, 85719


Meridional circulation has become a key element in the solar dynamo flux transport models. Available helioseismic observations from several instruments (Taiwan Oscillation Network, Global Oscillation Network Group and Michelson Doppler Imager) have made possible a continuous monitoring of the solar meridional flow in the subphotospheric layers for more than a solar cycle.
Here we discuss the implications of these observations for the current flux transport models.

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